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Young believers met pope Francis   versione testuale
01.04.2014 - BC Belgium
Some young Flemish believers (Belgium) got on Monday the unique opportunity for an interview with none other than Pope Francis. This happened in the context of the communication project 'Fresh Fish', witch was started by Youth Pastoral Flanders (of the Belgian Bishops) on occasion of The World Youth Meeting in the summer of 2013 in Brazil. "What we achieved today, no one did for us: we were able to put several questions to the Pope and filmed the entire conversation," said one of the youths with pride.
"Since his appointment in March 2013 of Pope Francis a breath of fresh air blows across the Catholic Church. He’s an inspiration to many young people. Along with this presence, also our trip to the WYD in Rio last summer was very inspiring", said one of the youngsters. "We made with a team of ten young people a regular report on our experiences in Brazil, including through blogs, twitter and facebook, photo messages, interviews and reports. The result could still be seen on"
Fresh Fish’
"Our project,‘Fresh Fish’, continues in 2014. We want to keep on witnessing about what young believers concerns. Meanwhile, our team consists of fifteen members. Together we set new first goals. One day the idea came to interview the pope. To our amazement, Pope Francis immediately gave a positive response. We prepared together the interview and eventually five of us went with him in conversation. Both the interview and the preparations were filmed.” (KerkNet – ChurchNet Flanders)