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The Albanian Bishops’ Conference (Konferenca Ipeshkvnore e Shqipërisë) was established on 8 May 1993.

The Albanian Bishops’ Conference comprises bishops of five dioceses and an Apostolic Administrator.

There are usually two General Assemblies of the Albanian Bishops’ Conference each year.

To achieve its goals, the Albanian Bishops’ Conference has established various episcopal commissions, departments, councils, agencies and other bodies which focus on specific tasks and areas of responsibilities within the Church’s mission. In particular, commissions for:

  • The clergy and consecrated life
  • Catholic education and the doctrine of the faith
  • Pastoral work with young people and vocations
  • Justice, Peace and Emigration
  • The inter-diocesan seminary
  • Liturgy
  • Culture and social communications
  • Ecumenism
  • Inter-religious dialogue
  • Catechesis
  • Social pastoral issues
  • Laity and family

CCEE Members

albania secretary PRESIDENT
H.E. Msgr. George Frendo OP, Auxiliary Bishop of Tirana-Durazzo
H. E. Mgr. Gjergj Meta, Bishop of Rrëshen



Rr. Don Bosko, nr. 4
AL-2950 Tirana
Tel: +355 22 47 159
Fax: +355 22 47 159

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